Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a tarot reading?

People get readings for all sorts of reasons, but mostly it’s about getting answers and getting clarity.

I've never had a reading. What is it like? Should I be scared?

No! Not at all. It’s feels an awful lot like having an intimate conversation with a trusted friend, and the topic is you and your life. I’m quite good at helping people feel comfortable at my table.

Be prepared, though. I absolutely DO NOT sugarcoat any of my answers. Sometimes what I say is exactly what you want to hear, sometimes not. People often get very emotional at my table, and this is perfectly understandable, ok, and welcomed.

Do the cards really tell the answers to my questions?

Yes and no. I believe you are subconsciously guided to choose certain cards during your reading. Then I use those cards as a focal point for, and combined with, the energy I’m reading and sensing from you, and give you your answer.

Does what you say come true? How accurate are you?

My outcomes are excellent. My timing, however, tends to vary. In other words, what I say will happen is likely to happen, but very often not in the exact time frame I give.

I’m not a fortune teller, and no reader is ever 100% accurate; it’s just not possible. Life is a complex combination of fate and free will, and the answers I give you is an interpretation of the cards in that moment that we are sitting together and asking the questions. Your life choices are ALWAYS yours to make.

I will never tell you what to do, but I can give you a good sense of what the outcome would be with each of your choices. Then you can pick the one you like.

What can I ask questions about?

Almost anything. I am EXTREMELY open minded, and very little shocks me or makes me uncomfortable.

You said "almost" -- what can't I ask questions about?

You can’t ask me about when you or someone else is going to die. I'm very careful when answering questions about health, or anything that could potentially incriminate anyone. I don’t do pet readings, and I am not able to answer questions about people who have passed.

I won't ever use the word "soulmate", tell you there are angels around you, or tell you that you are cursed (and that you need to pay me extra money to lift the curse).

Do I have to ask questions? Can't you just tell me what you see without saying anything?

I do start with a small "general" reading that helps us both get situated with where you are at the moment of the reading. But asking specific questions helps direct the reading in a way that’s most beneficial to you. Remember, I’m not a mind reader -- I’m an energy reader.

Do you subscribe to a certain religion or spirituality?

I believe in spirituality, as in, each person’s individual spirit and life force.

Can I bring my friend/significant other with me to my reading?

No. Even if you think you’re ok with your friend/SO hearing everything we discuss, I’ve found that people are much more reserved with another person present. I’m naturally a very direct, open person, and it will not benefit either one of us if I feel like I have to censor myself.

The ONLY exceptions to this are translators for languages I don’t speak, and for the hearing impaired.

If I have a party, can you really do an accurate reading in the middle of all that noise and all of those people?

Yes, I absolutely can. Crazy, right? But I promise you that during the reading you will have 100% of my attention and focus.

I don't live in Palm Beach County, or Florida at all, but I want to have a reading with you. Will my reading be as good over the phone?

Yes, it will.

What are your terms and conditions?

You may read my Terms & Conditions here.

You say you're an "intuitive coach" - what does that mean?

I consider what I do, generally, to be a form of coaching, like life coaching. The questions you ask me and the cards can be based around a certain issue, for example, and the answers we use can create a direction for you to go with that aspect of your life.

For example, say you are looking to change careers. You have a few ideas. We can look at each one, and see which path is the strongest for you to take. If you decide to follow that path, we can then look at possible first steps, obstacles along the way, solutions to those obstacles.

I consider "intuitive coaching" to be my general way of saying I'm here to help support you as you shape your life's path, whatever you choose. That's why I use the phrase "Create Your Destiny". Let's do that together.

Do you believe in Twinflames?

I do not subscribe to that particular philosophy. While you're welcome to believe in anything you like, if you ask me about a Twinflame, I will gently guide you away from that language and concept.